Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cartoon: The Menstrual Duo

The Parliament Jester Duo , again, found themselves in unprecedented overnight negative stardom by ridiculing the menstrual cycle of an opposition party lady MP.

Rumor has it that this, however, has brought on an unexpected spotlight onto themselves as sanitary product manufactures expressed an unparalleled interest in the Duo being featured in their TV commercial as the ambassadors of their products.

Reason being,


Dear Datos', in case you are reading this, and if you do not enjoy this new found fame you so eagerly brought to yourselves by disrespecting a woman's monthly cycle, well, simply take the Deputy Prime Minister's advise ... This is not supposed to be taken seriously and there will be certain parties out to make a big deal of the issue.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Maybank says MUST HAVE.........

I don't usually do wordy blogs.

According to the Star dated 10 May, 2007, the Cabinet has ordered Maybank to withdraw their letter which states that panel law firms must have a bumiputra partner with at least a 50% stake before they could do any business with the bank.

Take away the specific words requiring 50% stake, and apply it on other panel partners/vendors/business associates that received the directives such as the letter issued to Panel Valuers below, would that be acceptable, then?

According to Bar Council chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan, “The level of equity is irrelevant. It’s still discrimination. No company has the right to stipulate the racial composition of firms that it will give work to; this is certainly no way to deal with professionals.”

What say you?

Update 12/05/2007: It was sighted on The Star that AmBank Group has withdrawn and apologized on the letter sent to panel lawyers, and Chinapress reported that the above letter sent to Panel Valuers by Maybank has also been withdrawn.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Cartoon: It wasn't me.....

In the recent events of collapsing roofs, bursting pipes, cracking pillars of elevated highways, government buildings falling apart, etc.... and the entire list of defects and failures funded with taxpayer's money................................