Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cartoon: OSA II - You have been OSA-ed!!!

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zewt said...

wow... u should really teach me how to do all these cartoons... you must teach me !

Lame Basket said...

A combination of paper, pencil, marker pen, scanner, and GIMP, coupled with loads of frustration + disappointment with the current administration, and a strong believe in the idea of "picture speaks louder than words".

Thanks for the flattery.

Lame Basket.

yok hoong said...

remember theedgedaily which lampoon tun. now they are also jumping on the bandwagon to lampoon this osa of toll concessions or non-osa in the first place.

looks like even a financial weekly is giving a thumbs down. mind you, this is from the financial weekly which is not anti-government so to speak.

looks like my dear samy will have to run with its tail between "its" legs. start your damage control, mr samy.

bongkersz said...

hahaha! nice one! hmm, lately it seems like every issue is, every documents is 'OSA'.. bla bla..

Anonymous said...


mr samy club by the blogs and he has to run for cover. he has nowhere to run to except the cabinet to obtain approval to "declassify" the toll documents. what approval when in the first place the toll documents have been seen by so many parties.

what next mr samy?