Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cartoon: BULL...SHIT

KLCI soared a 13-year high 1278.22 on Wednesday 21/02/2007.

Then, it was heard that the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index might breach the 1,350 mark - the highest in Malaysia’s history.

That was a week ago.
A week later.....


zewt said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA... that was a damn damn damn damn good one.... bro, you gotta help me design a logo... !!! hopefully for free...

zewt said...

also... how does that technorati work? 'claim your blog'... does this mean i can know what site is linking to my blog?

chumly said...

Now that I can understand. I am really not good at interpreting the numbers.

Lame Basket said...


Thanks. Logo sounds like something photoshop masters like Sheih, Mobcrib or Wattahack could do better. :-) But if you have something in mind that I could assist, then it would be an honor. no fees involved. Just buy me tosai telur will do.

Not too sure about the technorati thingie. Still new at it. Yes, you get to know which sites/blogs links your blog. But the results are not accurate at times.


I can relate to that. Am not good with numbers either. :-)

mei phing said...

omg ! i love the cartoon !

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